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Re: Linker won't find dll

From: Paul Pluzhnikov
Subject: Re: Linker won't find dll
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 07:12:24 -0700
User-agent: Gnus/5.1006 (Gnus v5.10.6) XEmacs/21.4 (Jumbo Shrimp, linux) writes:

> The export table for summarizer37.dll is:
> ?delete_summarization@inxight@@YAXPAVsummarization_interface@1@@Z (Ordinal: 
> 1, Entry Point RVA: 2960h (10,592))

There you go. Above code was compiled with MS VisualStudio, and is
not usable by code compiled with g++.

> The names are indeed mangled. This is usually something that has to be
> resolved between C/C++ and Java JNI.

The names are always mangled in C++, except for 'extern "C"' functions.
More info here:

The problem isn't that they are mangled; it's that they are mangled
*differently* by different compilers (on purpose).

> Most importantly, what can I do to be able to use this library under a
> JNI wrapper?

You *have* to use Microsoft compilers for that.
Note that the free VisualStudio Express: should be all you need.

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