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Re: g++-2.95 statically compiling

From: fangee
Subject: Re: g++-2.95 statically compiling
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 09:37:02 GMT
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Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
fangee <> writes:

A. Because doing so makes the conversation harder to read.
Q. Why should I not top-post?

Please do not top-post.

Following yuor suggestion I gave up statically compiling and I found a
better (I think) solution: pass to the linker the option -Wl,-rpath.

You never explained what problem static linking was intended
to solve. Without knowing your goal, it is impossible to tell whether
'-rpath' is a correct solution, and whether better solutions exist.


Sorry for top-posting.
Here's my goal:
years ago I developed an application which I must compile with g++ 2.95.
As I can recall, I was able to static compiling it and having it run on linux systems where no g++ nor libstdc++ were installed. Recently I discovered that I lost the executable and so I wanted to recompile it. As it seems I cannot static compile it again, but linking with '-rpath .' I only have to put libstdc++ in the same directory where the executable (dinamycally compiled) is.

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