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Re: what's the differnece between gcc and g++?

From: Rolf Magnus
Subject: Re: what's the differnece between gcc and g++?
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 16:53:13 +0200

Maxim Yegorushkin wrote:

> Rolf Magnus wrote:
> []
>> But linking is another story. When linking the result generated from C++
>> code, you need different linker options than for C code, and the linker
>> can't find out the language that the object code was compiled from, so
>> you have to tell it explicitly. When you use gcc for linking, it will
>> pass the options relevant for C code to the linker (unless you explicitly
>> specify the language), while g++ will link it as C++ code.
> Does the linker care about the language object files were generated
> from?


> From what I gather from info ld the only c++-specific option 
> which may affect the (binary) output of ld is -Ur. Am I missing
> something?

-lstdc++, and possibly some target-specific options.

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