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Re: How to start with C++?could anyone else tell me ?thanks

From: Andreas S.
Subject: Re: How to start with C++?could anyone else tell me ?thanks
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 09:39:01 +0200
User-agent: Thunderbird (X11/20060808) wrote:
I'm new in this field,don't know too much about C++,could anyone else
tell me how to start with C++ and JAVA,thanks very much:)

At first decide to learn C++ OR Java. You will not manage both at once. It's too much. To learn one programming language you need practice in it and this takes some time. As some concepts are similar in C++ and Java and some completely different, you will get completely confused if you want to do both at once. I don't belive it's a good idea to to try both...

So, how to decide what to learn:

First, what do you need it for? Do you need high performance calculations? Trying to get the last out of your hardware, for the cost of complexity and to care about everything on your own? then go to C++. If you want to be sure your applications will run on a lot of different platforms and operation systems (where there is a Java Virtual Machine (VM) existing for) without modifications, and accept a decrease of speed for it, then you can go for Java (or even C# if you accept that mono - the Linux implementation if it - is not 100% finished yet).

Second, if you need to do driver development, everything close to the hardware, kernel or operating system development (e.g. for Linux) then go for C++. If you want to build Server Web applications then go for Java.

This was a very simple view of the plus and minus of this two languages and for sure not complete. But if performance is not an issue I would recommend you to go for Java, as it is multi OS and platform and computers today are normally fast enough to deal with it. You do not have to care about everything on your own (Memory handling, Hardware access). This is all doing the VM for you. But on other hand side, this is limiting of course as well. So it really depends...

If you found out what you will go for, look for a book to learn the language (not one of the 21 days boods, at least I don't like them) and work your way through it. and then practice and enjoy ;-)

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