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Trouble Installing gcc-3.0.2-sol8-intel-local.gz Package

From: John Anderjaska
Subject: Trouble Installing gcc-3.0.2-sol8-intel-local.gz Package
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001 02:34:26 -0500

I installed the package above on a Solaris 8 for Intel platform.  The version I got was from:
I simply did gunzip gcc-  Then:
pkgadd -d gcc-
All seemed to go well and there was an indication that the package was added successfully.  But when I tried to compile the simplest program, I get an error:
"gcc installation problem, cannot exec `as`: No such file or directory."
Does anybody have an idea about this?  I did the same gcc compile operation on another Solaris 8 for Intel platform and it worked OK.
Thanks .. John

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