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Re: [help-gnutrition] Problem installing GNUtrition, Python 3.2

From: Jason Self
Subject: Re: [help-gnutrition] Problem installing GNUtrition, Python 3.2
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 19:16:20 -0400

Cory Koch wrote:
> I think that it's a good idea, are we still porting it over to C as well?

It's still on my To Do list but I'm open to being talked out of it if 
anyone wants to try. :)

I'm not sure how much effort would be involved in the switch to Python 3.
I suppose it depends on how good the 2to3 thing is which I've never used, 
and if it would even be a worthwhile use of time if the change to C is 
going happen?

Jason Self
Project Maintainer
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