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Re: [help-gnutrition] Problem installing GNUtrition, Python 3.2

From: Cory Koch
Subject: Re: [help-gnutrition] Problem installing GNUtrition, Python 3.2
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 21:03:50 -0400

Jason Self <address@hidden> wrote:
> It's still on my To Do list but I'm open to being talked out of it if 
> anyone wants to try. :)
> I'm not sure how much effort would be involved in the switch to
> Python 3. I suppose it depends on how good the 2to3 thing is which
> I've never used, and if it would even be a worthwhile use of time if
> the change to C is going happen?

If the plan is to port to C (which I am still aboard with(waiting on paper work 
still though)) 
then it is probably not worth the time to upgrade from 2to3.

I think that most "main stream" distros of GNU/Linux for example Debian, 
Fedora, and Ubuntu still have 
python pointing to python2 by default. So maybe we should just put in a step in 
for checking the version of python that the python symlink is pointing to and 
then have the user change 
it to python2. Or is there a way that we can do this with the GNU autotools? Or 
I suppose that the script 
could automatically but then we might break other applications that _are_ using 

For instance I figured out that issue with the symbolic links when I was 
trying to use Decibel media player (which uses Python2) and my Gentoo install
had Python3 as the default. In that case I just changed the shell script that 
calls the Python app to have it call the direct python2.7 instead of the 
python symbolic link.

I briefly looked over the Gnutrition code that starts the app but there
did not appear to be a way to specify this other then to change the 
#!/bin/python to #!/bin/python2.7 .

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