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Re: GNUnet cadet

From: t3sserakt
Subject: Re: GNUnet cadet
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2022 16:20:30 +0000

On 24.11.22 14:51, Rowan De jong wrote:

>On 21.11.22 17:04, Rowan De jong wrote:

>With the solution offered mean you you have given your (Rowans) peerinfo (which you got with gnunet-peerinfo -sg) to Mart, who imported it (with gnunet-peerinfo -p) and vice versa?

No, we didn't try that at first. We have now.

>Can you see each other peer in the list (given by gnunet-cadet -P), after importing the peerinfo of each other?

We couldnt at first, but i think we didn't import each other's peerinfo. When we use the gnunet-cadet -P command on Rowans pc, he can see my peer id now. But if Mart runs the same command he cannot see Rowans peer id. On Marts pc there are still no tunnels. On Rowans pc it says tunnel: Y on my peer id. Are there other ways to import Rowans peer info to Marts pc? Because we think the problem is still with Marts pc.

You can check if the import was successful by searching after Rowans system if you execute

gnunet-peerinfo -i

on Marts pc.

>Are the systems you are trying to connect in the same LAN or each at your home behind a NAT? If natted, did you open the GNUnet port (2086) in your router?

The systems are each at our own homes. So we think they are behind a NAT. We dont know if the GNUnet port is opened. Well have to check that later.

This is quite important to know!

>Did you have a look into the log file, if there are any error messages?

No we didn't, how do we do that?

There should be a file gnunet*.log somewhere, but you can set a log file by setting


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