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Re: gdb not landing inside function

From: Joe Butler
Subject: Re: gdb not landing inside function
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 22:23:03 +0100

no idea.

is ":/" correct?
should it be "://"

Is Parse derived from HttpGetSocket, or does it contain an HttpGetSocket
object?  If it does, then it's probably just jumping into HttpGetSocket as
part of the Parse construction.

Are you using the correct headers for HttpGetSocket, Parse and SocketHandler
(if you are using old headers with different, extra or fewer methods defined
in them or listed in a different order with a new lib, you will end up
jumping to the wrong methods when you call them).

You might want to post your c++ problems specifically to a c++ group.  (make
sure that it's an appropriate one (i.e 'learn', rather than 'standard', I
would suggest).

"Kelly Mandrake" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Now that im inside Get I have another problem, I want to step into a
> class method.
> This method also takes std:string arguments so I moved the const string
> ":/" out and assigned it directly to a std::string before passing as an
> argument.  This solves the problem of jumping into basicstring.h but
> now it jumps into HttpGetSocket.h when it should be jumping to
> Parse.cpp:66
> I will say that HttpGetSocket.cpp, Parse.cpp, SocketHandler.cpp were
> all compiled as a static library, C++ Sockets Lib.a which httpget.cpp
> is linked to.  Not sure if this helps in diagnoseing my problem.
> 0x004097c2 in Parse::Parse(std::string const&, std::string const&) ()
> at C:/Sockets++/include/HttpGetSocket.h:44
> bool Get(const std::string& url_in)
> {
> std::string sDelim = ":/";
> Parse pa(url_in, sDelim);  // I want to step into this
> std::string protocol = pa.getword();
> std::string host = pa.getword();
> }

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