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Re: gdb not landing inside function

From: Kelly Mandrake
Subject: Re: gdb not landing inside function
Date: 3 Apr 2005 15:44:25 -0700
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Thanks, I think you are correct about the :// good eye, I did made the
change but the origional problem for which I began debuging was not
solved by this.  The Parse class isnt derived from anything.  All the
headers are coming directly from the origional headers for which I
compiled the library.  I just had the idea that maybe moveing the code
base for the library into the folder for which httpget exists, so that
perhaps if gdb was haveing problems finding cpp files that perhaps this
would sove the problem but unfortunately the same problem exists,
cannot jump into parse.

I thank you for this effort in helping me, I think I will take your
advice and post to comp.lang.c++ or simular.  But first I think I am
gona contact the author of the library since he wrote not only the
library but also this httpget example I am trying to use.

Many thanks for all your efforts.

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