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Re: Menu functionality

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Menu functionality
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 05:47:06 +0300
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Examine documentation for a function `easy-menu-define'

(easy-menu-define wrs-menu  global-map "Website Revision System Menu"
  (list "WRS"
        ["Areas of Website Revision System" wrs-areas t]
        ["Search pages" wrs-db-search-pages t]
        ["Full text search" wrs-db-full-text-search t]
        ["Add category" wrs-add-category t]
        ["Manage related pages" wrs-related-pages-management t]
        ["WRS Templates" wrs-templates-list t]
        ["Generate tag clouds" wrs-tag-cloud-for-missing-ogimage t]
        ["Publish region as Emacs Lisp function" 
wrs-publish-emacs-lisp-function t]
        ["Publish WWW area" wrs-publish-area t]))


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