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Menu functionality

From: lisa-asket
Subject: Menu functionality
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2021 01:25:44 +0200 (CEST)

Have started doing a simple menu, and would like some feedback.  

How do I go about introducing a `Menu Separator` and a `Drop-Down Sub-Menu` ?

(define-key-after global-map
  [menu-bar diamer]
  (cons "Diamer" (make-sparse-keymap "hoot hoot"))
  'tools )

;; Creating a menu item, under the menu by the id “[menu-bar diamer]”
(define-key global-map
  [menu-bar diamer nl]
  '("Next Line" . next-line))

(define-key global-map
  [menu-bar diamer pl]
  '("Previous Line" . previous-line))

(define-key global-map
  [menu-bar diamer oes]
  '("Entry Sweep" . gilgamesh-entry-sweep))

(define-key global-map
  [menu-bar diamer ohe]
  '("Hide Entry" . hide-entry))

(define-key global-map
  [menu-bar diamer ose]
  '("Show Entry" . show-entry))

(define-key global-map
  [menu-bar diamer ohb]
  '("Hide Body" . hide-body))

(provide 'diamer)

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