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How can i search for lines which wrap?

From: Dan Hitt
Subject: How can i search for lines which wrap?
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2021 21:39:08 -0700

I was recently editing a document to try to make all the lines be no longer
than 79 characters.

There were a few ways that could occur: one would be a line of 80 dashes,
one would be a line of 80 underscores, and there were a few variants that i
could systematically locate (by searching for the offending pattern
followed by a control-J), and then fix.  Searching for control-J by itself
wouldn't do because i only wanted to get to the end of lines that are too

So what i was missing was an easy way to search to the end of the next line
with 80 or more characters.

Basically, i would like to search for the continuation character which
signifies that the next visible line is not really a new line.  In the
emacs gui, this is depicted as a curved arrow in the margin.  In text emas,
this is signified by a backslash (that you cannot search for as a

Since emacs can do everything else, i imagine there must be some way to
search for this, but i cannot recall ever having done so.

Thanks for any clues on how to do this.


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