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Re: common lisp vs elisp.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: common lisp vs elisp.
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 03:53:47 +0200
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>> I want to make a 2D game tho, that's why I tried to get
>> SLIME and SBCL going, maybe one could do SDL2 with that and
>> have some sprites bounce off the ceiling...
> I don't agree to discussions of proprietary software on GNU
> mailing lists unless there is intention or project to make
> free software out of it.

What's proprietary, GOOL? Yes, Game Oriented Object Lisp
(GOOL) is proprietary [1]

What does it mean that the dialect is made for writing games?
You have to have that in _the actual language_ ? :O

Hm, also, what does it mean exactly when a *language* is
proprietary? Offer support, write a book? Not anyone can write
a compiler and/or other tools legally? Or not anyone can take
parts of the language to another language s/he is working on?
(Heh, were a lot of programming languages developed by women,
I wonder...)

But that doesn't matter in this/my case, I use Emacs, SLIME,
CL (SBCL), all free, right? This is how far I've got [2] -
right now I'm just adding stuff, no plan, and I won't need one
for a loong time since I can think of A LOT to add :)

I know you don't like to use Elisp in Elisp (e.g., cl-lib),
but it is OK to use in CL, right? Elisp, I mean?


underground experts united

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