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Re: append, push, and add-to-list.

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: append, push, and add-to-list.
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2021 03:17:02 +0200
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tomas wrote:

>> Well, maybe TeX was better in this sense?

This reminds me of one time when I went to
Computer School (CS).

A couple of hundred meters from the school building was an
industrial pit, down there one could see flames every hour of
the day - it was part of the commune's system for disposing
of garbage, possibly.

Anyway one time a group of students including me, 12 in total,
went to see the professor who had walked to this place.
When we got close, he asked, "what is it that you want to hear
from my mouth, that you cannot hear from your own?" To this,
all students started to talk at once so not a single word was
heard. The professor said, "you are too many heads for one
body", and pushed 11 students into the flames.

underground experts united

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