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How to tame compiler?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: How to tame compiler?
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 17:43:27 +0300

As I have recently implemented new function that use `eval' to expand
various variables and these variables are not visibly used in the
program, I would like to tame the compiler, as I get these warnings:

In rcd-send-email:
rcd-mailing.el:225:62: Warning: Unused lexical variable `unsubscribe-url'
rcd-mailing.el:231:21: Warning: Unused lexical variable `hello-name'
rcd-mailing.el:234:72: Warning: Unused lexical variable `unsubscribe-text'
rcd-mailing.el:252:11: Warning: Unused lexical variable `body'

What is happening here is that those variables are used but inside of
`eval' form which is expanded dynamically when program runs. Compiler
cannot see that.

Is there a way to avoid these warnings?


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