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Re: RE: RE: bounds-of-thing-at-point for paragraphs

From: Christopher Dimech
Subject: Re: RE: RE: bounds-of-thing-at-point for paragraphs
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2020 23:36:25 +0100

When I tried I got "Can't find library thingatapt"

 M-x finder-commentary thingatpt

> Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2020 at 11:06 PM
> From: "Drew Adams" <>
> To: "Christopher Dimech" <>
> Cc: "Help Gnu Emacs" <>, "Jean Louis" <>
> Subject: RE: RE: bounds-of-thing-at-point for paragraphs
> > Looking at thingatpt.el is not helpful.
> It's very helpful.  It directly answers your question.
> Or perhaps you meant that needing to look at that file
> is a burden.  That's different from saying that if you
> do look in the file you find no help.
> > If you know important things that are useful to know
> > about it, place it at the top of the file.
> Define "top" of the file.  Elisp files have certain
> things, conventionally, at the very top.
> One of the things they can have near the top, i.e.,
> in the file header, is a Commentary section, which is
> documentation.
> And lo and behold, what do we find there, in lines
> 4-7 of the Commentary?
>  The function bounds-of-thing-at-point finds the beginning and end
>  positions by moving first forward to the end of the "thing", and then
>  backwards to the beginning.  By default, it uses the corresponding
>  forward-"thing" operator (eg. forward-word, forward-line).
> That directly answers your question, no?
> What happens when you do `C-h f forward- TAB'?  Do you
> see `forward-paragraph' listed?  QED.
> > I customarily define a documentation function for the file so that it
> > would be available interactively, even if mostly of interest to Elisp
> > Designers.
> You want interactive access to just the Commentary?
> Your wish is granted:
>  M-x finder-commentary thingatpt
> That's how I got the text to include in my answer to
> you, without having to remove comment chars (`;').
> (And yes, you can use `TAB' with `finder-commentary'
> to see all of the currently available libraries as
> candidates.)

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