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Re: Help customising the behaviour of the new Tab Line mode

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Help customising the behaviour of the new Tab Line mode
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 04:28:58 +0300
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> That with the .h and .cpp files was just an example. When I work on a base
> class and a derived class, I keep the base class to the left and the
> derived class to the right. If I am working on an HTML page, I keep the CSS
> file to the left, so that I can switch quickly between them. And so forth.

It should not be too hard to write another function for `tab-line-tabs-function'
that will keep the manually sorted list of buffers, and a new command with a 
`tab-line-move-tab' that will move the current tab in the internally maintained
sorted buffer list used to display tabs on the tab-line.

Then the remaining question is where would you prefer a new buffer to appear?
When you visit a new buffer, it should be added to such list of buffers.
One possible place is to put the new buffer to the end of the list, 
but then wouldn't it too inconvenient for you to move its tab from the end
of the list to a more appropriate place where you want it to be?

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