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Re: Help customising the behaviour of the new Tab Line mode

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Help customising the behaviour of the new Tab Line mode
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 12:09:46 +0200
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"R. Diez" <> writes:

> But now, I want to do it "right" with the new Tab Line mode in Emacs
> 27.1.

One thing first: I don't think your working style is yet covered by the

> Issue 1) The first thing I noticed is that 'compile' creates a
> window/pane/whatever for the compilation output, and the tab line at
> the top does not show the compilation buffert. In fact, if I call
> split-window-below, the tab line below only has the current buffer on
> it. However, I would like all Tab Lines to show all buffers (or at
> least all buffers visited in the whole frame). And I want all those
> buffers to have the same tab order (because my positional memory is
> useful, but limited). That would match the behaviour of the old
> tabbar.el package. How do I achieve that? Please remember that my Lisp
> is rather limited. I can tinker, but it won't be pretty. 8-)

What is included is decided by the `tab-line-tabs-function': "By
default, use function `tab-line-tabs-window-buffers' that returns a list
of buffers associated with the selected window."  You may have a look at
and try the alternative values.

> Issue 2) The second thing I am missing is the ability to reorder
> tabs.

AIAIK, none supports manual reordering.  Tabs are always sorted by some
algorithm, so manual reordering doesn't make sense.

I think it would be best to make a feature request (M-x
report-emacs-bug) and CC Juri Linkov <>.  That already
worked very well for me in one case.  I've CC'ed him in this answer.

What you want should not be hard to achieve.  But I wonder if it would
be desirable to have all the time: an Emacs session can have hundreds of
buffers, lots of them internal and helper buffers or irrelevant for the
user.  You definitely want some kind of filtering and maybe also some
way of automatic sorting I think.


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