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Re: issue with keyboard input for multiple keys Ctrl-b / nkey rollover?

From: 2QdxY4RzWzUUiLuE
Subject: Re: issue with keyboard input for multiple keys Ctrl-b / nkey rollover?
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2020 06:45:52 -0500

On 2020-08-02 at 03:59:33 -0700,
Alan Davis <> wrote:

> I have left behind at least three different keyboards due to a problem
> when, especially backing up a character at a time, in Emacs, and perhaps in
> bash.  The following are the most recent keyboards with this problem:
>    - Microsoft Surface bluetooth keyboard
>    - A mechanical keyboard with Nkey rollover
> I quit using the first of these due to this problem, replacing it with the
> mechanical keyboard.  I hoped the Nkey rollover would mean key chords like
> Ctrl-b would work.   Unfortunately the results are unsatisfactory.  Often
> when editing with emacs (truth be told I don't remember whether this is the
> case with a bash console), I have to repeat the keychord twice before the
> cursor will move.  So if I want to back up two characteris, I need to type
> Alt-b 4 times to move the cursor back 2 positions.
> I had hoped that NKey rollover would eliminate this problem.  That is not
> the case: the mechanical keyboard has this same problem.
> I am afraid I have not nailed down the specific instances when this
> occurs.   It has occured to me that this may happen with some terminal
> emulators but not on others. Even this seems to be inconsistent: in fact
> just now I tried this key combination in an emacs window, and it worked
> fine.

Even if you can't nail down the specific instances when this occurs, a
few examples of when it does (or has) or doesn't (or hasn't) would help
someone help you.

You said "bash" and "terminal emulator," so I could probably assume
Linux or BSD, but what OS(es), desktop environment(s), and/or window
manager(s) are you running or have you tried?

What made you think that n-key rollover would make a difference?  Are
you running assistive software, or some sort of uncommon hardware or I/O
subsystem?  Is it some kind of virtual machine?

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