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issue with keyboard input for multiple keys Ctrl-b / nkey rollover?

From: Alan Davis
Subject: issue with keyboard input for multiple keys Ctrl-b / nkey rollover?
Date: Sun, 2 Aug 2020 03:59:33 -0700

I have left behind at least three different keyboards due to a problem
when, especially backing up a character at a time, in Emacs, and perhaps in
bash.  The following are the most recent keyboards with this problem:

   - Microsoft Surface bluetooth keyboard
   - A mechanical keyboard with Nkey rollover

I quit using the first of these due to this problem, replacing it with the
mechanical keyboard.  I hoped the Nkey rollover would mean key chords like
Ctrl-b would work.   Unfortunately the results are unsatisfactory.  Often
when editing with emacs (truth be told I don't remember whether this is the
case with a bash console), I have to repeat the keychord twice before the
cursor will move.  So if I want to back up two characteris, I need to type
Alt-b 4 times to move the cursor back 2 positions.

I had hoped that NKey rollover would eliminate this problem.  That is not
the case: the mechanical keyboard has this same problem.

I am afraid I have not nailed down the specific instances when this
occurs.   It has occured to me that this may happen with some terminal
emulators but not on others. Even this seems to be inconsistent: in fact
just now I tried this key combination in an emacs window, and it worked

Since I am unable to reproduce this issue at all times, perhaps I can just
request information about keyboard behavior that might shed light on the
problem or similar problems.

Alas, I throw up my hands in despair...   Does this behavior mean something
to someone?  Is it an expected behavior?  Is there a simple solution?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thank you for any advice whatsoever,

Alan Davis

The foundation of morality is to have done, once and for all, with lying.
                     ---Thomas Huxley,

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