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Re: Gnus: Store message in PGP-decrypted form

From: Marvin ‘quintus’ Gülker
Subject: Re: Gnus: Store message in PGP-decrypted form
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 10:40:53 +0200

Am Mittwoch, dem 10. Juni 2020 schrieb Teemu Likonen:
> Another email client option would be Notmuch Emacs. Notmuch is an
> indexing system for mail and Notmuch Emacs is an email client based on
> that.

Thank you for the hint. I already tried out mu4e as an e-mail client for
a few weeks. I did not like its usage paradigm, Gnu's group-based
approach is much more sensible to me. From what I see on Notmuch Emacs’
web page, it is similar in its approach to mu4e, so no, it will not do
for me. I simply do not feel comfortable with thinking of my mail as
entirely search-based. Folder filing is more intuitive to me, maybe
because I still handle quite a bit of snail mail as well.

That being said, mu does a nice job for searching my e-mail. I was
already using it with mutt for a long time.

> Optionally the Notmuch database can store the _session_ keys for all or
> selected encrypted messages. With the stored session key a particular
> message can be decrypted automatically.

This is an interesting approach, but really, I want my mail on my disk
simply unencrypted (with my hard disk itself, as already pointed out,
being encrypted with LUKS). If something compromises the PC I am working
on, it can just as well dig out that database or keylog my PGP key's
password. By storing the mail unencrypted I leave it open to be
processed by any tool I might ever switch to.



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