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Gnus: Store message in PGP-decrypted form

From: Marvin ‘quintus’ Gülker
Subject: Gnus: Store message in PGP-decrypted form
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2020 10:02:22 +0200

Dear List,

until recently I was using mutt for handling my e-mail. In my desire to
move as much of my daily workflow into Emacs as possible, I am currently
investigating whether Gnus suits my needs. So far, it is pretty nice. I
however often have PGP-encrypted conversations, and those are impossible
to properly search. Thus, on my local machine I store these messages in
unencrypted form. Because my hard drive is encrypted, I deem the
security risk arising here to be bearable for me.

mutt has a nice functionality named `decrypt-save'¹. This function
replaces the PGP-encrypted MIME part with its unencrypted content, thus
storing the message unencrypted on disk. This is exactly what I want.
How do I achieve that with Gnus?

Thank you for any hints in advance.




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