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Re: Using emacs in Multiple OS"s and multiple computers

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Using emacs in Multiple OS"s and multiple computers
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2019 01:42:20 +0200
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M.R.P. zensky via help-gnu-emacs wrote:

> Hello I have a Mac book and Mac Pro Desktop
> both systems have dual boot Mac and Ubuntu.
> Any thoughts on how to set up emacs so that
> it will sync with my different systems.
> Maybe to make it more simple to just use
> emacs in Ubuntu. I have an external hard
> drive that is visible in any of the Operating
> systems. Any Ideas on how best to use emacs
> with this config?

In theory, there shouldn't be a difference!

Obviously, any OS-specific stuff will only work
for the specific OS! But you don't typically add
such stuff to Emacs, do you? What you add is
Elisp that won't even reach the OS level, as
Emacs and only Emacs will deal with that.

In practice, the more you configure, tweak, and
add, the more overhead work will be required
too keep everything in synch. So either don't
do it (too much), or perhaps choose one OS to
have as your main one (the Ubuntu one,
perhaps, in this case at least :)) and then
just have a minimal setup on the other one.

Speaking more broadly, Emacs isn't exactly like
a motor vehicle that needs to be trimmed to fit
a particular off-road track... It shouldn't
require a lot of work just to work. It is fun
to muck around with, but to do it in more than
one place sounds like a full time job :) and if
it should also be nsynch'd up to some
interpretation of the word, that sounds like
not only a full time job, but also an
unpleasant one at that... So let it it be.

underground experts united

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