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Re: Using emacs in Multiple OS"s and multiple computers

From: George Hartzell
Subject: Re: Using emacs in Multiple OS"s and multiple computers
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2019 18:17:55 -0700

M.R.P. zensky via help-gnu-emacs writes:
 > Hello I have a Mac book and Mac Pro Desktop both systems have dual
 > boot Mac and Ubuntu. Any thoughts on how to set up emacs so that it
 > will sync with my different systems. Maybe to make it more simple
 > to just use emacs in Ubuntu. I have an external hard drive that is
 > visible in any of the Operating systems. Any Ideas on how best to
 > use emacs with this config?

Seems there are a couple of parts to this:

- You need a setup that will work across all of your OS/environments,
  only loading things when appropriate.  This is mostly just taking
  care with what you use where/when.   E.g. I only load my email bits
  on my laptop.

- Keep your configuration in a VCS (e.g. git, perhaps on GitHub) and
  keep the various clones of the repository in sync with pushes/pulls
  as appropriate.

My config is a personalized version of sjrmannings' .emacs.d[1].

It's a really nice framework on which to hang things.  I always smile
when a remember why I have files and things that start with `sm`....

straight.el[2], which sjrmannings' config uses, extends use-package a
bit and provides a wonderful amount of power for running
customized/fixed versions of packages.



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