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Re: Google Gmail mailing list bounces

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Google Gmail mailing list bounces
Date: Sat, 25 May 2019 06:40:05 +0200
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tomas wrote:

>> If it works like that, why doesn't it keep
>> at it until it gets the authority reply?
>> Perhaps there is a setting for that...
> No, caching makes sense. Each DNS record has
> a field stating for how long it is expected
> to be valid (TTL) to ease such decisions.

Yes, I know, none of that made sense to begin
with since I thought the reply was the query
and used it in the command, so that was why
I got so strange replies. Now that I get
replies that make sense, I don't care to
analyze those that came from an incorrect use
(read) of the command :)

>> With ads, side- and extension services that
>> aren't free of charge, the accumulation of
>> user data, and so on, there is tons of money
>> in mail.
> Big players prefer silos, where they can keep
> their sheep^H^H^H users captive. Watch the
> instant messenger space to see all the
> anti-patterns of the pre-Internet age emerge
> all over again.


?#1: Do people still use IM? I remember
ICQ (I Seek You; Israel 1996 [1]). Those were
good days - at least if you only remember the
good stuff!

?#2: What do you mean "all the anti-patterns of
the pre-Internet age emerge all over again." It
sounds interesting anyway so do tell...

>> For all their technical superiority, they
>> sure don't charge much...
> They don't see their goal in growth, but in
> providing a good service while being
> financially sustainable.

No doubt they are good guys. Paying for
a service isn't something I would never do for
principal reasons, it is more like it seems
like trouble doing it practically. I mean, how
do you do it? Literally?


underground experts united

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