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context-sensitive mouse-3 [was: Is Elisp really that slow?]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: context-sensitive mouse-3 [was: Is Elisp really that slow?]
Date: Sun, 19 May 2019 14:44:35 +0000 (UTC)

> Saying about discoverability, I would like a context-sensitive right-click
> mouse menu, something like Microsoft Office. Most newcomers are familiar with
> finding functionality with the mouse;

Library `mouse3.el' gives you a context-sensitive menu
on `mouse-3'.  And yet it still also gives you the
normal Emacs `mouse-3' behavior.

You or your code can customize what the menu shows in
different contexts.

> how should I find new functions...?

I'm guessing you mean functions (in particular,
commands) that are new to you, and not necessarily
new to Emacs.

Icicles can help with discoverability in a few ways:

 * See what you can do at any moment:
   . See which possible inputs are expected by a
     command that reads input
   . See which key sequences are currently available,
     which of them are general vs which are local,
     and what each of them does
 * See individual descriptions of the possible inputs,
   that is, help on completion candidates
 * Find menu items more easily
 * Find commands more easily
 * Find help in the doc
 * Learn how to use regexps

Menus in general, and La Carte in particular, can also
help with discoverability, and even more so when combined
with substring or regexp completion (e.g. Icicles).

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