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Re: context-sensitive mouse-3 [was: Is Elisp really that slow?]

From: 조성빈
Subject: Re: context-sensitive mouse-3 [was: Is Elisp really that slow?]
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 00:12:18 +0900

> 2019. 5. 19. 오후 11:44, Drew Adams <address@hidden> 작성:
>> Saying about discoverability, I would like a context-sensitive right-click
>> mouse menu, something like Microsoft Office. Most newcomers are familiar with
>> finding functionality with the mouse;
> Library `mouse3.el' gives you a context-sensitive menu
> on `mouse-3'.  And yet it still also gives you the
> normal Emacs `mouse-3' behavior.
> You or your code can customize what the menu shows in
> different contexts.

Hmm, I’ll take a look at that :-)
Is Mouse-3 the right-click button in usual mice?

>> how should I find new functions...?
> I'm guessing you mean functions (in particular,
> commands) that are new to you, and not necessarily
> new to Emacs.
> Icicles can help with discoverability in a few ways:
> * See what you can do at any moment:
>   . See which possible inputs are expected by a
>     command that reads input
>   . See which key sequences are currently available,
>     which of them are general vs which are local,
>     and what each of them does
> * See individual descriptions of the possible inputs,
>   that is, help on completion candidates
> * Find menu items more easily
> * Find commands more easily
> * Find help in the doc
> * Learn how to use regexps

Looking at the link, Icicles is a package similar to which-key, am I right?

> Menus in general, and La Carte in particular, can also
> help with discoverability, and even more so when combined
> with substring or regexp completion (e.g. Icicles).

I am impressed with this; I should implement something similar with helm when I 
have free-time :-)

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