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Re: help-gnu-emacs Digest, Vol 198, Issue 25

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: help-gnu-emacs Digest, Vol 198, Issue 25
Date: Wed, 08 May 2019 16:09:12 +0200
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Budi wrote:

> How to make emacs always to show point value
> on strip/bar

The "mode line" is the Emacs term :)

> what workaround to get such if no standard
> menu exists


    (:eval (format "p: %d " (point)))

in `mode-line-format', with
`setq-default'. Check out [1] for how it is
done, line ~37.

However... It only works when the mode line is
updated. By all means this happens when you
type, do M-x, and many other things, but not
when you just move point around w/o scrolling
the text, for example.

So then, point will be indicated as the same as
when the mode line was last updated! You can
`force-mode-line-update', manually, or schedule
it with the idle timer, perhaps.

But know that if you do it manually, that
amounts to just having a defun that echoes
point, and then invoke that when needed.
Perhaps typing a char, and then deleting it
immediately is faster tho, as this will be
enough to get an update.

On a personal note, I would get completely
crazy (I'm getting that already typing this!)
seeing at the same time the point value
incrementing for every char I type...

Also, I think, in principle, almost always
incorrect information at times is worse than no
information at all!

HIH @ 1569!


underground experts united

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