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Re: Skipping words with C-<right> like other editors do

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Skipping words with C-<right> like other editors do
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2018 13:54:18 -0800
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* Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> [180415 13:47]:
> R. Diez wrote:
> > I am not satisfied with the standard
> > behaviour of C-<right> etc. I want it to work
> > the way most "normal" editors do.
> Use these keys:
>     C-f `forward-char'
>     C-b `backward-char'
>     M-f `forward-word'
>     M-b `backward-word'
>     C-e `move-end-of-line'
>     C-a `move-beginning-of-line'
> and so on.
> There is a tutorial that helps you get the
> basic finger habits going, I think, tho I never
> did it myself. `C-h t' seems to start it.
  What Emanuel says. 

  Furthermore - If you do
  c-h (or F1) - k
  then enter any one of the keys Emanuel listed.
  You will then get full documentation of the function it invokes.

  You can roll your own functions if not satisfied with behavior,
  and even rebind any keystroke to a new function. 

  But do give emacs a chance to reveal itself in the "emacsen" way
  of doing things.

Tim Johnson,

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