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Re: Test Alternative initialize scheme

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Test Alternative initialize scheme
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018 07:15:56 -0800
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* Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> [180404 17:30]:
> Tim Johnson wrote:
> > I'm not sure how one might combine spacemacs
> > and emacs resources under one directory.
> > The spacemacs install directions call for
> > installing spacemacs directly into .emacs.d
> > and I'm presuming that will totally clobber
> > my existing config.
> OK, sorry, now I understand the problem!
> If this is what you mean by "clutter" it is
> very poor engineering indeed! Unbelievable -
> you should mail the developers and tell them!
> *Yes* you should definitely change it!

  You and I are likely on similar latitudes but different
  longitudes - i.e. while you were thinking I was sleeping :).

  Given that I have backed up my emacs.d - I will have my coffee,
  then follow the spacemacs installs instructions to the letter and
  see what happens. I will then report back.

> I'd do it like this: Do a grep for any
> reference to .emacs.d in the spacemacs source
> and instalation scripts, Makefiles etc. If it
> is a variable somewhere, change it, to
> .spacemacs.d - and if it isn't, change
> every occurence.
> Then you might need to tell spacemacs to look
> there, as well.
  Understood. Good tactic. Great minds run in the same gutter.
  More l8tr

Tim Johnson,

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