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Re: Test Alternative initialize scheme

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Test Alternative initialize scheme
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 00:44:40 +0200
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Nikolay Kudryavtsev wrote:

> Ivy is not hard-coded in any way. It's just
> that its default settings are set up for
> vanilla Emacs keybindings. E. g.
> previous-candidate in Ivy is "C-p". But if
> we're using Evil we want "k" to be that
> key(while respecting the mode).
> With ergoemacs-mode we would expect "M-i".
> I don't think that we should expect any
> package developer to provide defaults for all
> available keyboard layout packages.

The people we expect this from is the people
who want it. If there isn't anything fishy to
setting up the keyboard for Ivy, all that is
needed is a single .el file that go thru the
whole thing, which is loaded on Emacs init.
Certainly not a fork of the whole project!


    if (init(Ivy) && init(my_Ivy_keys) {
        return 0;
    else {
        fprintf(stderr, "Oh, no! We have to fork Emacs to do it!\n");

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