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Emacs and/or Lisp on Lego Mindstorms?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Emacs and/or Lisp on Lego Mindstorms?
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2018 02:51:34 +0200
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The other day I acquired a quantity of Lego
Mindstorms robots, and put one together with
a focus on having all the sensors symmetrically
placed and then all the IO readily available,
in other words a "vanilla bot" so one could
have it built once and then just focus on
programming it.

This is a good idea but to my surprise while
building it it all happened naturally, so one
wonder why the out-of-the-box models are so bad
as robots *and* so user-unfriendly?
Perhaps they make them to look cool on the box
in the shop... Obviously, I think mine is much
cooler all the same :)

Next step is to get the ev3dev Linux OS
onboard, flashed on a MicroSD an inserted -
which does not require mucking with the
Lego firmware, btw.

Here [1] is a list of supported programming
languages. The only one what I can see (?) from
the Lisp world is Clojure [2], which 1) I don't
really care for, and 2) is on the "Out-of-date,
abandoned and unfinished implementations" part
of the list!

I do care for C [3], which is on the regular
list, as is C++ [4] which is also fine,
sometimes, but c'mon, this is AI,
autonomous/embedded systems, how can Lisp *not*
be supported almost at all?

And what are we going to do about it?

I guess I'll write one program in C, one in
C++, and then see if the situation has
improved, if not I'll see if one can have CL or
even Elisp be ported in some way.

Because that would be, like, cool :)


underground experts united

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