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Re: Emacs and/or Lisp on Lego Mindstorms?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Emacs and/or Lisp on Lego Mindstorms?
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2018 20:50:03 +0200
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Marcin Borkowski wrote:

> There are at least two other lisp-ish
> choices: Lua and JavaScript there, and JS
> seems to be supported. How about using
> ClojureScript? Or Python with Hy?

Hold it, will you! I'm still not even getting
C to work, the most portable language,
remember ;)

JavaScript "lisp-ish" btw?

As for the others, you seem to think this is
a platform like any other. In theory, I suppose
it is just another machine running Debian.
But in practice, it isn't, and my experience
with C shows this.

Some of those combinations for example, I'm
unsure if that'd be any easier than compiling
CL thru Docker, and obviously that'd be much,
much cooler, almost computer history level! (Or
at least the "Computer Chronicles" if anyone
remembers that show.)

But don't let this dissuade you, get a box for
you academics work salary and try you as
well :) (Actually I wish that'd be true.
At least you're in good company on this list.
But hopefully you can afford one nonetheless,
or go to the CS department and borrow one -
make sure it is the EV3, not the old NXT ones
that should be very common on unis around the
world by now.)

underground experts united

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