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Re: Web Design

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Web Design
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2018 21:43:09 +0100
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Kendall Shaw wrote:

> One more post then I'm done.

Can't you do just ONE more?

> If design is like graphics design and
> a program you move images around and put text
> together, that was something that existed in
> the 90s when more people had personal web
> sites (before facebook).

This was indeed before Facebook (from 2004) but
Facebook was much later. The 90s "personal home
page" boom (the original meaning of PHP BTW) -
this boom was with services such as GeoCities
(1994) and Altavista (1995). Then came the
so-called portals with Passagen in Sweden,
Yandex in Russia, Yahoo! pretty much worldwide
and many, many others. There were also the IM
clients such as ICQ (pun for "I seek you") and
later MSN - MSN also had an attempted community
service which no one used - and all the while
IRC, of course, the client for Windows being
mIrc. There were also dedicated forums where
teenagers used to discuss politics and sex, the
result being pretty much embarrassing either
way. Even before Facebook were some
semi-popular communities, like MySpace (from
2003). Then came Facebook and the smartphone
(counter)revolution which was the nail in the
coffin for the hole "wicked" creative culture
as the common man invaded the Internet widely,
and since that day we'll have to do with .

Oh, and I forgot to mention AOL which used to
send orange CD-ROMS with every computer
magazine in the market place. They (AOL) were
later, or if it was before, involved in a big
controversy in the US (or NA), which here
became legendary because no one understood any
of it.

underground experts united

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