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Re: Emacs IDE

From: Kendall Shaw
Subject: Re: Emacs IDE
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017 17:40:38 -0800
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On 03/03/2017 05:06 PM, Ahmed Sorour wrote:

I've recently been working more extensively with various coding languages,
and have developed a need to use IDEs.

Is it possible to configure Emacs to act as a complete replacement for:

- Atom or Sublime (for Python)
- IntelliJ IDEA (for Java)

Aside from project management, I'm also interested in a setup where I can
call Emacs to launch with one configuration when working with Java, and
another configuration when working with Python, etc.

For java a couple of interesting packages are ensime which is really for scala but it works for java. And emacs-eclim which is more like integrating eclipse into emacs than the other way around.

The way I work is I use the ide and emacs at the same time. For debugging and some other activities and very minor editing, I use the ide (eclipse or intellij idea). As soon as I have to do significant editing, my hands go on strike and say I'm not going to type one more line and I'm forced to switch back to emacs.


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