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Re: Emacs as an IDE

From: Anast Gramm
Subject: Re: Emacs as an IDE
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017 18:45:12 +0200
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What I've done 3 months ago when I was on your position was the following:

I read this dudes manuals. They are amazing at 
how stuff works and how to set up a basic customization.

Especially this one that also answers a lot of
your questions.

>From there on I just browse M-x package-list-packages and see stuff that I 
>like and try
to implement them in my workflow. 6 months ago I had a .emacs with ~20 lines of 
now I have an .org file with my configuration and it's about ~1500 lines. So 
thing escalates really quick. Beware not to get lost.

Now for the sad part:

Java is a high level language and there are awesome IDEs out there for it.
My favorite is IntelliJ. Those beasts are simply too much work for an emacs
user to replace. As I see it, you're better off using IntelliJ or Eclipse
for java development.

I think someone should build a complete IDE experience for java development
but until then proprietary software is gonna have the lead.

P.S. I avoid java just for this reason (I also like C/C++ more)

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