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RE: How to get back to a place in a buffer, or: what is a window configu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: How to get back to a place in a buffer, or: what is a window configuration?
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2016 12:39:27 -0700 (PDT)

> > (If you use library zones.el then you can easily flip among
> > multiple narrowings, in case that is related to what you want.
> >
> I heard about it, though I don't really see much use (for me, not in
> general).  OTOH, I use narrowing quite a lot, so maybe I could give
> it a try.

If it doesn't help, don't use it. ;-) The idea is simple: Emacs
lets you narrow to different restrictions, but there is only one
level of widening: `widen'.  This is analogous to simple copy+paste
systems: you can copy different things at different times, but when
you paste you get just the last thing copied.

With this extension to narrowing: when you narrow, the restriction
is pushed to a ring - analogously to copying/killing text to the
`kill-ring'.  And just as you can yank anything that is on the
`kill-ring', so you can restore any restriction (narrowing) from
the ring.  (And you can have multiple rings, buffer-local or not.)

As for whether you will find that useful: it might depend on how
much you use narrowing.  And perhaps also on what you are used to
(habit).  People used to simple copy+paste might not find the
`kill-ring' very useful at first...

> > What part of (elisp) `Window Configurations' is unclear to you?
> Well, now I see it...  But look at this:
> ,----[ (emacs) Configuration Registers ]
> ,----[ (emacs) Window Convenience ]
> See?  Basically nothing in the /Emacs manual/ explains precisely what
> a "window configuration" is.  On the other hand, the /Elisp reference/
> is pretty clear.  I'd consider this a bug in the docs: a /user/ should
> not need to consult the Elisp reference.  I'll try to come up with
> a patch for the docs soon.

What do you think a user should know about what a window config is?
That's the question, if you think the Emacs manual needs more info.
(`M-x report-emacs-bug').  (Note that there can also be links between
the manuals.)

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