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How to get back to a place in a buffer, or: what is a window configurati

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: How to get back to a place in a buffer, or: what is a window configuration?
Date: Wed, 03 Aug 2016 11:30:43 +0200
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Hi all,

sometimes I work on a particular place in some buffer, and Emacs for
some reason scrolls me out of that place.  I want then to get back to
it.  Is there a way (in stock Emacs or with help of M?elpa) to
accomplish that?

Bonus points for a package/command which /temporarily/ disables C-v/M-v
and other commands that might result in scrolling text in the window.
(Narrowing to what is currently visible should do the trick, so
a combination of M-r, C-e and C-SPC would probably do what I want.
Coding that is three minutes, but maybe someone did it already?)

Note that it's not the same as keeping a position in a register.
A simple experiment shows that keeping a /window configurations/ seems
to do what I want, but from reading the manual I'm not sure what
a "window configuration" really is.  What does a "window configuration"
consist of, exactly?


Marcin Borkowski
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Adam Mickiewicz University

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