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Re: Compilation in C and ADA

From: B.V. Raghav
Subject: Re: Compilation in C and ADA
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 23:06:11 +0530
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Edward Zacharek <address@hidden> writes:

> In order to compile the adb file, I click on tools->compile, and press on
> "enter", and this is the error message that I receive:
> "make -k
`make -k' is a shell command that shall be run by emacs and the output
`rendered' in a compilation buffer. What you require is to clear this in
the `minibuffer', using `C-a C-k', and enter something like:

gnatmake hello.adb

or whatever be the filename instead of hello.adb

You might probably be looking for "gnatmake " to be there in the
minibuffer instead of "make -k" everytime you compile ".adb" file.
(use `C-h v compile-command') or package `SmartCompile' or more...

> As for a C file, this is what I get:
> "make -k
Here the command might be like "gcc hello_dolly.cpp"
You might be interested in automating the compile process for
c-project(s), in which case, google is the best friend or or

In either of these cases, just customize the variable `compile-command'


(B.V. Raghav)
Ph.D. Student,
Design Programme, IIT Kanpur

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