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Re: Compilation in C and ADA

From: Francis Belliveau
Subject: Re: Compilation in C and ADA
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2016 00:20:18 -0400

A lot of good comments that I pretty much agree with, but there is a small 
difference of opinion and I am feeling incompletely understood.

1. I agree that most projects should have a makefile, regardless of the 
language(s) used, or the number of files that need to be "built".

2. Yes, the functional execution of the default is doing a good job of saying 
what it is looking for and why it is not functioning.  It says it is calling 
make and cannot find a makefile.

3. As far as which compiler to use, you might as well assume "gcc" since "make" 
is not always there either.  There are many flavors of make that "make -k" 
would not be compatible with.

The basic disagreement is that "make" or "build" is not synonymous with 
"compile".  I do consider both make" and "build" synonymous with each other in 
this context.

Compile is but one step toward building or making an executable or a project.  
A makefile that only compiles sources without combining them together into a 
unit, such as a library, archive, or executable, is not worth writing.

Yes, many compilers, gcc included, can be fed a complex command line to compile 
a single file and turn it into an executable application.  However, even though 
you would be using a compiler to perform the function, that function is a 
"make" or "build" fiction that includes "compile" as one of the steps.

At this point I am either beating a dead horse, or trying to convince some of 
you that I am right when you will never agree.  I feel like I have said the 
same thing twice so if you do not agree with me then we should just agree to 
disagree and drop things there so that we do not turn this into some sort of 
war over what some readers may consider to be minor semantics.

No offense meant to any of you and none taken by me at this point.

73 to all,

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