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Byte-compile Warnings and Loading.

From: deech
Subject: Byte-compile Warnings and Loading.
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2016 15:21:03 -0000
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Hi all,
I put together a package[1] that implements the Shen programming language in 
Elisp and I could use some help with a couple of issues:
1. I can't seem to get rid of warnings when byte-compiling the generated 
"shen.el" [2] even though I have the byte-compile-warnings property the top of 
the file. I'm getting a lot of "unused lexical variable" warnings even though 
"lexical" is in the list of warnings.
2. I would like for the "shen.el" and "shen-primitives.el" file to be loaded 
right after compilation even though they don't have any autoloads. Currently 
they are only loaded with I call the function `shen/repl` [4] which doesn't 
feel very responsive. Ideally they are loaded at the time they are compiled.



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