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Re: Find first line FOLLOWING a sequence of matches

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Find first line FOLLOWING a sequence of matches
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 14:39:27 -0600
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Subhan Michael Tindall wrote:
> It may be clueless and useless, but it is required by my employer
> that it be attached to ALL my outgoing emails.  I work for a company
> where we deal with a great deal of HIPPA protected info and
> protected health information, and I could literally be terminated
> for removing it from my email before hitting send.

No one doubts that it is your employer that is requiring the
disclaimer.  When you are using your company resources you are
restricted by your company policies as a matter of your employment
contract.  I tried to make that clear in my responses that it was your

I do strongly recommend using a different email provider for
interacting with people outside of your company business.  There are
many free email providers along with other good subscription based
ones.  I recommend a subscription based one because then at least the
revenue model is known and they have incentive to work for you not
them.  The free ones make their revenue by selling you as their

But let me be clear about something that is a very important fact of
life on the net.  There is no delete button on the Internet!  If
someone sends a message to a public mailing list it matters not what
type of disclaimer they had attached to the message.  It is as a
practical matter impossible to delete it from all of the archives of
the message.  People often try.  But doing so only calls more
attention to it.  This is the well known Barbara Streisand effect.

John Oliver did an excellent show about this problem as well.  Here is
a direct link to the the particular part of the show.

I do find those disclaimers annoying and therefore I poke fun at them
by adding back a disclaimer on my messages when I reply.  Most people
understand the humor of it.  One disclaimer begets another disclaimer.
I only do this when I am making an actual response to the message.  If
I have nothing to add then I simply let it go and say nothing.  But if
I am responding then I will go ahead and poke fun and add back a
disclaimer of my own.  That is my way of protesting them.


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