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RE: Find first line FOLLOWING a sequence of matches

From: Subhan Michael Tindall
Subject: RE: Find first line FOLLOWING a sequence of matches
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 21:55:59 +0000

I need to futz with it some more, hopefully tomorrow.
But, one issue that I'm having is that using C-w to yank word at point doesn't 
cross punctuation, so I can't use c-w to grab the word at point into the search 
buffer (which would be quick & easy.
IE zipc^odes_hold
            Pt here
        C-w pulls zipcodes, not zipcodes_hold
If there's a way I can define words to only be bounded by whitespace I should 
be able to whip up a keyboard macro for the rest I believe.

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> Subject: Re: Find first line FOLLOWING a sequence of matches
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Jump to the bottom of the file.  Search upward with one of the 
> > search backward commands.  Perhaps search-backward-regexp?  That 
> > will locate the last item.  Then move to the beginning of line.  Then next 
> > line.
> > That should do what you need.
> To put this thread back on track let me ask if this works for you or 
> not?  Does that technique of search upward from the bottom do the 
> trick?  Or is there something else?
> Bob

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