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Re: Autogen in Emacs Shell

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Autogen in Emacs Shell
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 18:51:32 +0300

> Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 04:36:04 +0200
> From: Alexander Shukaev <address@hidden>
> I am considering to give up my current terminal (ConEmu) for Emacs Shell at
> least for some simple tasks.

You mean, Eshell, as in "M-x eshell RET"?  Or something else?

> I'm on Windows and use MSYS2 as a primary
> development environment.  I just wanted to build Emacs from Emacs Shell and
> here is what I've experienced when running `':
> Checking for autoconf (need at least version 2.65)...

How do you even run from Eshell on Windows?  I get

  ./ Permission denied

and after I force Eshell to realize that Windows has no execute bit
(by setting eshell-force-execution non-nil), I get this:

  /bin/sh: command not found

So if you got past that, you have a lot of Emacs customizations and/or
system configuration changes that you didn't describe.

> > ok
> > Checking for automake (need at least version 1.11)...
> > missing
> > Building Emacs from the repository requires the following specialized
> > programs:
> > autoconf (minimum version 2.65)
> > automake (minimum version 1.11)
> > Your system seems to be missing the following tool(s):
> > automake (missing)
> > If you think you have the required tools, please add them to your PATH
> > and re-run this script.
> > Otherwise, please try installing them.
> > On systems using rpm and yum, try: "yum install PACKAGE"
> > On systems using dpkg and apt, try: "apt-get install PACKAGE"
> > Then re-run this script.
> > If you do not have permission to do this, or if the version provided
> > by your system is too old, it is normally straightforward to build
> > these packages from source.  You can find the sources at:
> >
> > Download the package (make sure you get at least the minimum version
> > listed above), extract it using tar, then run configure, make,
> > make install.  Add the installation directory to your PATH and re-run
> > this script.
> > If you know that the required versions are in your PATH, but this
> > script has made an error, then you can simply run
> > autoreconf -i -I m4
> > instead of this script.
> > Please report any problems with this script to address@hidden .
> That's weird because immediately issuing
> which automake
> says
> /usr/bin/automake

Again, for me "which automake" in Eshell says it isn't found, so you
have some non-trivial system configuration there (e.g., your MSYS2 bin
directory is probably on PATH, something that MSYS installation
doesn't do by default, AFAIK).  Also, is that 'which' command an MSYS2
program or is it a native Windows program?  If the latter, I won't
expect it to use the /usr/bin format, it should show the drive letter.

> I use `bash' as Emacs Shell.

What does that mean, exactly?  Which variables did you customize and

> Furthermore, when using `bsdtar' from Emacs Shell, I saw:
> bsdtar: Failed to set default locale

That's an unrelated bug in your ported 'bsdtar', I think.  The one I
have here works just fine from Eshell command line.

> What could be the problem here?

Not enough info to answer that question.  FWIW, once I fixed the
obvious issues with PATH, ran for me without any complaints
inside Eshell.

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