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Re: Re: Change in list-buffers behavior in 24.4

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Re: Change in list-buffers behavior in 24.4
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 14:14:14 +0200

> The change in behavior is when there are already two buffers being shown, 
with different files. So, with two files, a and b:
> $ emacs -Q a b
> I get just "b" displayed.
> ^X^B^Xo, cursor down, Enter.
> I get the "b" file in the top window, "a" file in the bottom window, with the cursor in 
the "a" file's window.
> ^X^B
> The buffer window now replaces the "a" file, where the cursor was, and the 
cursor now winds up in the buffer list window. That's the different behavior than what I'm 
used to.
> Now, if instead of doing ^X^B at this point, I press ^Xo, moving the cursor back to the 
"b" file's window, then ^X^B still opens the list buffer in the "a" file's window 
> So, maybe the change in behavior is that list-buffers' window is "sticky", 
and it tries to open the buffer window in the same window it was previously shown in, 
apparently. If that window is showing another file buffer, even if the cursor is still in 
that file buffer the buffer list window still gets opened there, replacing the buffer the 
cursor was in.
> So, depending on window history, ^X^B ends up either opening the buffer list 
window in some other window, than the one the cursor is currently in, or the same 
window where the cursor is. I'm pretty sure that in earlier versions of emacs, 
^X^B never opened the list buffer in the same window the cursor was, at the time 
the list-buffers command was executed.
> And that's where my muscle memory is failing me now. I'm used to having 
multiple windows open; and with the cursor in one of them, ^X^B opening the buffer 
in some other window, and then typing ^Xo to jump into the buffer list window. 
Now, depending on where the buffer-list window was previously shown, it will now 
open in the same window with the cursor, and I realize belatedly, after I already 
jumped somewhere else with ^Xo.

Your explanation is correct.  The behavior is intended as a feature but
inherently breaks the behavior of `pop-to-buffer', especially when used
interactively.  I intend to fix this soonish for Emacs 25 and also post
a simple workaround you can use for Emacs 24.4.

Kindly add your observations to this thread

so we can discuss the solution there.

And please use our conventional notation for key bindings.  That is,
write C-x C-b C-x o instead of ^X^B^Xo and RET instead of ENTER.

Thanks, martin

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