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Change in list-buffers behavior in 24.4

From: Sam Varshavchik
Subject: Change in list-buffers behavior in 24.4
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2015 12:00:16 -0400

I typically have only one buffer window open, and my programmed muscle memory includes the sequence ^X-2-^X-^B.

This used to result in the cursor ending up in one window, and the buffer list in the other window.

After upgrading to 24.4, it seems that the cursor now winds up in the buffer list's window.

It looks like that with one window open, ^X-^B ends up doing what ^X-2-^X-^B used to do. Instead of retraining my fingers, I'm hoping that it's possible to flip some knob, and restore the previous behavior, but list-buffers' help is silent on this subject matter.

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