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Emacs calendar to display nth weekay in month, e.g. every 3rd Wednesday

From: Michael Eliachevitch
Subject: Emacs calendar to display nth weekay in month, e.g. every 3rd Wednesday
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 21:03:14 +0100
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There are several events for me each month which take place for example
on the 3rd Wednesday or on the first Tuesday of each month. Is there
some way to add them to my diary file, so that they will be added to the
list of diary entries and displayed in the calendar for all dates to
which this rule applies?

Maybe there is already some functionality to do this, but I haven't
found it yet. At least it's justnot  a simple regex on the date. If
there is something like this, I would like to know.

I am actually a newbie when it comes to programming in emacs lisp. I
have just started this week. I managed to create a function that checks
if a date is for example a 3rd Wednesday, but I am still not sure how to
combine it with the diary. I would have to implement some special syntax
for entering it into the diary file and add some regexes for that and
should study the diary code more... I still haven't figured out how
entries are added to the diary-entries-list.

So if somebody who knows the emacs calendar could provide some help or
hints, I would be really thankful.


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