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Re: Emacs calendar to display nth weekay in month, e.g. every 3rd Wednes

From: Tory S. Anderson
Subject: Re: Emacs calendar to display nth weekay in month, e.g. every 3rd Wednesday
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:37:26 -0500
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I accomplish this using Org-mode agenda for all my calendaring (highly 
recommend it) and lines like the following in an agenda-loaded org file: 

** 8:00-9:00 Ward Council Meeting: 2nd and 4th Sunday
   <%%(diary-float t 0 2)>
   <%%(diary-float t 0 4)>

Does that help? For me, probably 85% of my emacs usage is org-mode (planning, 
note-taking, powerpoint/doc generation); it ships with emacs, so if you haven't 
looked into it yet, I would strongly recommend it. They also have a mailing 
list parallel to this one. 

- Tory

Michael Eliachevitch <> writes:

> Hi,
> There are several events for me each month which take place for example
> on the 3rd Wednesday or on the first Tuesday of each month. Is there
> some way to add them to my diary file, so that they will be added to the
> list of diary entries and displayed in the calendar for all dates to
> which this rule applies?
> Maybe there is already some functionality to do this, but I haven't
> found it yet. At least it's justnot  a simple regex on the date. If
> there is something like this, I would like to know.
> I am actually a newbie when it comes to programming in emacs lisp. I
> have just started this week. I managed to create a function that checks
> if a date is for example a 3rd Wednesday, but I am still not sure how to
> combine it with the diary. I would have to implement some special syntax
> for entering it into the diary file and add some regexes for that and
> should study the diary code more... I still haven't figured out how
> entries are added to the diary-entries-list.
> So if somebody who knows the emacs calendar could provide some help or
> hints, I would be really thankful.
> Greetings,
> Michael

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