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Re: How to build the C language environment in Emacs?

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: How to build the C language environment in Emacs?
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2015 02:41:35 +0100
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Ken Goldman <> writes:

>> well...IIRC, using Emacs in windows is terrible...
> I use emacs on Windows and it's nearly the same as
> Unix. Some of the PrintScreen ScrollLock Pause key
> chords don't work quite the same. Otherwise, emacs
> is emacs.

I also recall using Emacs in Windows unpleasant to say
the least.

Emacs is Emacs to some extent but Emacs doesn't exist
in a vacuum. If you use it on Windows you will miss
out a lot: convenience (everyone assumes you're on
some Unix); you miss out culture and technology.

And especially if you are into C - which is the number
one *system* programming language. It shares history
with UNIX, not to mention it is the language the
system is written in (including today's Linux).

There is no reason to use Windows for no reason, only
do it if your family is starving or your job is
super-exciting (like some science project where some
specific software is Windows-only and too intense for
wine and the like - but then you can still beam the
results to your Linux box and use Emacs to compile the
report - like I always said, computing is creative :))

underground experts united

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